31 day challenge
DAY 19 // best moment in a vehicle

Deeks/Kensi + Cadillac SRX — “The Dragon and the Fairy” (3x18)

I know that nothing significant or noteworthy happens in this quick driving scene, but I love it nonetheless. I love how it was shot from the back seat of the SUV and it’s unbalanced and a bit shaky. I’m fairly sure ECO is actually driving here, and it gives such a cool and realistic quality to the scene that would otherwise be kind of bland.

(Plus, who doens’t love when Deeks gets to drive?)

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Densi & Kisses (through the seasons)

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Sarah Wright Olsen with Joana, hair&make up artist for Daniela Ruah’s wedding back in June. (#)

Photo via Hair Fusion Lisboa

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Welcome to Dress Like Sarah, your Number One and Only blog dedicated to the fashion of Sarah Wright Olsen. We are a brand new blog, so there are no posts yet, but be sure to stick around, follow us, visit our site, and apply for affiliates!

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If anyone is interested in Sarah Wright Olsen, I am making a style blog with my friend krisztina. Should be up this week!

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Genevieve + Celine Bags

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NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge 

Day 26: Favorite At Home Scene

My love for Michelle Hanna knows no bounds. 

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Deeks and Kensi, synchronized swimmers operatives

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NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 31: The Bonus - Favorite Part of Season 5. Sam and Deeks.

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The couple that herp-derps together, stays together ♥

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One of the many reasons why I love Kensi Blye (X)

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NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge 

Day 24: Best Kill 

Simply because it wasn’t Kensi. She didn’t lose control, really, over a man who didn’t deserve much, least of all from Kensi who has spent years suffering because of him. And he used her mercy to try to get a last shot in, and he didn’t manage it because Granger was fast enough to get him first. But I genuinely appreciate this scene and Kensi’s characterisation. 

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